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STyle 2.0 was created for the woman on the go. Designed to showcase Quality items & Convenient shopping from anywhere at anytime. Kick back, relax and create your best outfits ever.

Let us break it down for you- Outfit Pairings and Individual Items are placed in the following categories:

everyday collection (ec) our inspirational guides will take you from the first cup of coffee in the morning to your nightly routine.

invest in extras (ie) created to showcase the extra investment pieces that will enhance your STyle.

designers (d) created to capture sky is the limit dream pieces.

beauty & fragrance (bf) created for all things beauty related. Whether it be skin care or the fabulous must have fragrance.

accessories (a) created to complete the outfit. Scarves, handbags and flawless jewelry give you that polished Be Your Best Fabulous Look!

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